TRVLR104: Top 5 Spots in Philadelphia

Some call it the “City of Brotherly Love.” Some know it as the birthplace of American independence. I know it as a super-cool place with awesome bars, restaurants, and things to do!

Philadelphia has been a place I’ve loved for some time now. I am a huge history buff, so it helps that there is such a historical thread running through the city, but there is just so much going on that it makes exploring the streets so much fun! Plus, you don’t need a lot of time to feel like you’ve done a lot!

We have been to Philly many times since it’s such a short trip from New York, so we’ve discovered some great places! I want to share my favorites with you, right here, right now! It’s a small city, but packs a huge punch. Check out my list below!

Independence National Historic Park
You’re in Philly, so obviously you are going to spend time visiting someeeee historical landmarks! Spend some of your time hitting up Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell. As an American…just do it! Unfortunately, there will be lines everywhere, but they move fast! (Side note: the US Mint is also around here, and don’t get me wrong, I love $$, but it is super boring…) You are going to get your history quota done in a matter of literally one square mile, and it’s actually fun!

Sonny’s Famous Steaks
Now, Philly wouldn’t be worth the trip if you didn’t have a cheesesteak, and there are a million places to try one. I haven’t been to every place, but I have been to a few, and I have a favorite.There are the famous Geno’s or Pat’s that visitors will flock to, but there is a great whole-in-the-wall joint right on Market Street in Old City called Sonny’s Famous Steaks. The line, again, will be out the door, but the guys behind the counter are awesome, and the food is delicious.

A traditional cheesesteak is drenched in cheese wiz, which I am not a fan of. Instead, I go for the melted provolone and add peppers, onions, and mushrooms to the mix. It might not be the right way, but it sure is yummy! And again, I am no expert on cheesesteaks, so if you know of any other great places, let me know!

Reading Terminal Marketing
If you are a local business supporter, organic food junky, or just an impulsive shopper, you need to go to Reading Terminal Market, which might be the best indoor farmer’s market ever. There is literally EV-ERY-THINGGGGG here! Butchers, coffee roasters, florists, bakeries…if you can think of it, this place has it. It’s such a fun place to roam around and explore, and I am sure you won’t walk out empty-handed.

2nd & 3rd Streets in Old City
I love walking around, exploring local shops, and Old City is filled with tons eclectic storefronts, most of which are locally owned. My absolute favorite spot down here is The Book Trader, a small little book shop overflowing with every genre book imaginable! I have bought all of my art history books here for the day I can put them on a kick-ass coffee table! And that is just one of the many local shops you will fall in love with walking through the neighborhood.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
I am a big art junky as well (could you tell why I love this city so much) and the Philadelphia Museum of Art does not disappoint. The first time we went, I had just finished my junior year of college and that fall semester I had taken a 20th century modern art class. Well, walking into this museum will subject you to one of the best collections of modern art in the Northeast. From Duchamp to Cézanne, it’s a truly breathtaking collection. What’s more, it’s the home of the steps made famous in Rocky, so obviously you need to run up them!

Final Thoughts…
Philly is kind of the best, I won’t lie. I barely scratched the surface on what is here and how much there is to do and see. From the restaurants and bars, to the sights and shops, it has something for everyone!

So! Have you been to Philly? If so, what are your favorite spots?! If you haven’t, is it a place on your list? Let me know!

xoxo Amanda

4 thoughts on “TRVLR104: Top 5 Spots in Philadelphia

  1. Vincent says:

    I only spent a day in Philly but managed to see I Independence Halll, run up the Rocky steps and have a Pat’s cheesesteak (and then everyone told me I should have gone with Geno’s! Alas… maybe Sonny’s next time.


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