Traveling should be simple. Explore places unknown and experience them like a local. You don’t have to be in a place for a week to see the goods, but you do have to dive into the culture to feel the vibes.

I grew up on the weekend trip grind. My parents worked, a lot, so they made the best of getting away by taking us on quick trips without going too far. One can assume us kids didn’t love these trips, as angsty adolescents, but it taught me that you can do so much in such a short span of time. And it transcended into my adult life, where the weekend trip is the norm.

WKND TRVLR is my take on traveling, as documented through my own experiences. I’ve learned that a few days is enough to see it all. You can be a tourist, but live like a local at the same time, creating a balanced experience you will never forget!

Amanda Sottosanti

photo credit: Jesse Pafundi; Golden Hour Studios